We all know that interior design is a crucial part of home decor, but it can be hard to decide on the right paint colors. There are so many options out there, and you might find yourself overwhelmed with choice. You may also lack inspiration when trying to pick the perfect color for your walls or furniture. 

Try out these bright, cheerful, muted, and relaxing aqua paint colors. Aqua paint colors are a hot choice right now and work perfectly in homes with modern, contemporary, or even rustic decor. Aquatic paint colors provide fresh feelings and look incredibly stylish. 

This blog post will help you choose from the best aqua paint colors for your home. Each option has its personality and style, which makes it unique in its way. Read on!

1. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

This shade of aqua is the most popular option right now, with its freshness and brightness. It can be used on walls or furniture to provide a contemporary feel to your interior design. It looks great paired with browns, blacks, greys, and whites.

If you’re looking for the best light aqua paint, Sherwin Williams sea salt is the right choice. With its rich colored accents, the green undertones in this light aqua paint shine through. Sea salt aqua paint color is perfect for any room, including bedroom, living spaces, and kitchens.

2. Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua

Jamaican Aqua paint color is one of the most popular aqua colors right now. With rich, bright blue undertones, this green aqua color will brighten up your living space instantly. Jamaican Aqua looks great when paired with white accent pieces and fabrics. This is a truly saturated color. 

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This shade of greenish aqua is the best choice for painting kitchen cabinets hardware, furniture, and the front door. Jamaican aqua is balanced perfectly between blue and green. Despite being vibrant and striking, Benjamin Moore Jamaican aqua is also relaxing and tranquil. It’s a good choice for bathrooms and cheery laundry. Plus, it’s the perfect blend of green and blue.

3. Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Comfort gray paint is one of the best aquamarine colors. This aqua paint color is made up of a gray undertone, making it the perfect shade for any room in your home. This aqua color is not too dark or heavy but also not too bright and vibrant. What makes this shade so unique are its warm gray undertones that make the aqua pop.

4. Behr Marina Isle

If you’re looking for the best dusty aqua paint colors, you’ve just found it. This color is perfect for a bathroom or laundry room to create a relaxing and restorative atmosphere. The best part about this shade is its ability to make the entire room feel more spacious, thanks to its blue-green undertones. 

Behr Marina Isle
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This aqua paint pairs well with other muted tones such as beige and olive green. It works well in both large and small living rooms. Make sure you pick the bolder green accents to make this aqua hue pop.

5. Sherwin Williams Aquatint

A soft, light blue aqua paint color that makes your home feel clean and calm. This shade is perfect for a powder room, mudrooms, or even an accent wall behind the bed. This sea foam green shade would be beautiful in a guest room or master bedroom where you want to create a relaxing retreat space.

Pair it with white woodwork and a white tile shower for a crisp feeling. Sherwin Williams Aquatint is a versatile blue-based aqua suited for nurseries because of its cheerful nature. Light wood and crisp white trim would be perfect with aquatint for a contemporary bathroom and master bedroom.

6. Glidden Deepest Aqua

If you’re not afraid of trying deep bold colors, glidden deepest aqua is the right choice. This color is an excellent choice for almost every room. This rich, mermaid-inspired aqua is perfect for a playroom and an accent wall. Plus, it can pair well with other bright colors such as coral and pink.

7. Sherwin Williams Waterscape

Sherwin Williams’s waterscape is a soothing gray-aqua that is perfect for any living space. This color would be great in the bedroom or bath, because of its calm and serene nature. Adding watery blue curtains or an aqua rug could enhance this shade to tie the room together. 

This refreshing aqua paint color works perfectly well in the home office and a kid’s bedroom. It is a great color for any room you want to add some youthful energy and calming feeling to it at the same time.

8. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Palladian blue is a soft, muted aqua with blue undertones that works beautifully in airy, sunny living spaces and bathrooms. If you’re looking for a perfect blend of gray and blue with a calming effect, Palladian blue is your perfect combination.

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
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 Add some little pigment to that small space using these aqua paint colors from Benjamin Moore. This soft aqua can add a little personality without becoming too intense.

9. Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua

Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua is bright with a little green in it. It’s like a bright teal and can be the perfect paint color for your kid’s room. It gives an impression of water, which makes it calm and soothing.

With its gray and green undertones, this unique aqua shade is a great choice of color for entryways, kitchen cabinets, and bedrooms. Interesting aqua adds the perfect dose of color without feeling juvenile and outdated.

10. Valspar Beach Blanket

Valspar Beach Blanket has gray and blue undertones, which means it is soothing like water and calming like the ocean. It’s probably not the best choice for your kid’s rooms, although you might want to try it, it can be great in bathrooms since they are usually small spaces that need something light and calm. 

If you love green and beach-inspired vibe that much, then this aqua hue is a great choice. It’s a warmer aqua than others, making it a great paint to pair with neutral beiges and yellows.

11. Sherwin Williams Tame Teal

Sherwin Williams Tame Teal is one of the many sophisticated hues that come in this shade family. It has brownish undertones, which means it’s calming and cozy like the ocean at sunset. When paired with lighter tones, painting your bedroom and office space makes your room feel modern and updated. 

Sherwin Williams Tame Teal
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Make a modern, contemporary girls’ room with a feature wall painted in tame teal and decorated with golden circles. This beautiful green, blue aqua paint looks excellent in the front door, kitchen cabinets, and tray ceiling as well.

12. Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments

Quiet moments from Benjamin Moore is an aqua paint color that leans more toward the green side of things with a good bit of gray undertone to it. If you’re looking for aqua paint colors to incorporate in your kitchen and dining room, Benjamin Moore quiet moment is one of those aqua paint colors you should never let go of.

13. Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze

Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze is a cool aqua hue. It’s a romantic color paired with warm colors like oranges and yellows to create a fun girls’ room painting. This soft aqua is also a wonderful choice for a space that has less than ample natural light. With its inner glow, the Caribbean breeze can light up a room regardless of its size.

FAQs on Ten Best Aqua Paint Colors for Your Home

Is aqua warm or cool?

Aqua is a color that lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It’s best to think of aqua as its category and not associate it with any particular warm or cool family.

Is aqua paint easy to work with?

Yes, aqua paint is easy to work with as long as you know how to pick the right paint for your space. It’s important to realize that just because a trending color doesn’t mean it will work in every room. Aqua requires a cool or neutral backdrop so it can shine as its statement.

Final Thought on Best Aqua Paint Colors for Your Home

As you can see, aqua paint colors are trending big time. And their popularity is well deserved. Aqua paints are lively, calming, and refreshing all at the same time. Plus, they go with just about any color palette you can think of, so there’s no shortage of options when it comes to decorating with aqua hues. So, if you’re struggling to choose paint colors, aqua paint is for you.


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