Irrigation Services – Why It’s Important to Have Your Sprinklers Inspected in the Spring

Irrigation systems should be inspected before being turned on in the spring to ensure that they do not experience any damage over the winter. A technician at Colorado Springs Irrigation can also test each zone and make recommendations for system upgrades like high-efficiency nozzles.Irrigation Services

Horn advises landscape businesses to check the long-range forecast and wait until night temperatures consistently stay above freezing to turn on irrigation systems.

Irrigation system inspections are important to ensure that your lawn and garden receive the proper amount of water. This helps to keep the landscaping healthy and prevents costly repairs. While it is possible to perform some of these inspections yourself, it’s best to leave any complex repairs and maintenance to a professional.

In addition to ensuring that your sprinklers are functioning properly, inspection services can also detect potential problems before they become major issues. These issues can include changes in the pressure of your sprinklers, wilting plants, or pools of water that appear to be unrelated to any individual irrigation head. These issues can be expensive and difficult to fix once they occur, so it’s important to catch them before they worsen.

Ideally, you should schedule your spring inspection at least once every year. A professional can help you determine the proper frequency of inspection for your system based on its age and the size of your yard. This ensures that your lawn and landscaping are receiving the right amount of water and prevents wasted water from over- or under-watering.

Many companies offer inspections for sprinkler systems, and the cost can vary widely depending on the company and your location. Some companies may offer these services as part of a contract, while others charge an hourly rate. In either case, the service is worth the price if you want to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn.

In the spring, an inspection will include activating your sprinklers and confirming that they are working correctly. It will also include adjusting the cycle times for longer days and hotter temperatures. An inspector will also check all of your sprinkler heads to ensure that they are distributing the correct amount of water and not spraying the street, sidewalk, driveway, or neighbor’s yard.

While it is tempting to buy supplies and put in your own irrigation system, this can be dangerous. Steve from Alternative EarthCare recommends that you hire a professional to install your irrigation system. This way, you can be sure that the system is being installed properly and will be ready to work when the weather gets warm.


When the warmer weather comes, your irrigation system needs to be woken up from its winter hibernation. Our irrigation start up procedures ensure that your sprinklers are ready to be used. Our professionals open isolation and backflow device valves, clean nozzles, adjust spray patterns and perform a few irrigation test cycles to ensure your system is functioning properly.

Like any complex mechanical system, an irrigation system is prone to problems from time to time. Minor irrigation system issues should be taken care of immediately, so that your system doesn’t endure any long-term damage. Spring is the perfect time to inspect and service your irrigation system. We can help you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful this season. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and maintenance session!


As with any complex mechanical system, your irrigation system will inevitably need repair at some point. This is why regular maintenance is so important. When you have a professional inspect your system, they can quickly spot things that aren’t working properly, such as broken sprinkler heads or misfiring zones. By addressing these issues before they get worse, you’ll help to ensure that your lawn is always lush and healthy.

Irrigation repair can be as simple as replacing a clogged sprinkler head or as involved as repairing damaged pipes. A professional will be able to identify the problem and recommend the best solution for you. Depending on the extent of the repair, it can be as low as a service call fee and the cost of parts or it could be significantly more expensive.

A few telltale signs that your irrigation system is in need of a repair include high water bills, changes in water pressure, and water puddles around the sprinkler heads. Additionally, if you have areas of the lawn that are dry or greener than others, these can be caused by a variety of problems, from faulty programming to clogged nozzles or damaged control valves.

If you are in need of a repair, it’s a good idea to contact your landscape installer as soon as possible. These professionals know your system inside and out and can usually conduct repairs much cheaper than a new company that doesn’t have familiarity with your irrigation system.

Another important service that many homeowners neglect is testing their backflow assemblies. These are located outside of the home, directly after the water meter and are designed to prevent water that has been contaminated by fertilizers or pet waste from flowing back into our public water supply.

If you’re looking for a reputable company to maintain your irrigation system, contact Green & Black LLC. We offer a wide range of services including spring starts and winterizations, backflow testing, irrigation repair, and even landscape installation. For more information about our services, give us a call or request a quote online.


Irrigation systems are like any other equipment, they need to be maintained to stay in working condition. If your system is not properly maintained, you could see high water bills, a lack of healthy lawn growth and even system failure. You can avoid costly repairs and other issues by hiring a professional sprinkler repair service to perform regular maintenance on your irrigation system. These professionals can inspect your sprinklers, identify any problems and provide repairs and upgrades. They can also help you find the best irrigation solution for your home and budget.

If you have a problem with your sprinklers, it is important to call an expert right away. Irrigation system experts are trained to diagnose and resolve any problems quickly. They can also help you find the best way to maintain your sprinkler system to prevent future problems. They can provide you with an on-site evaluation and estimate for any work that is needed.

The cost of repairing your sprinkler system can vary significantly depending on several factors. For example, the type of repair needed and its complexity will affect the overall price. In addition, the cost of raw materials can increase or decrease the price of your repair. For example, PVC pipe is a petroleum-based product, and its costs can rise and fall with the prices of gasoline. It is also a good idea to get a quote from multiple professionals before making any decisions about your repair.

It is often cheaper to replace an existing sprinkler system than it is to install a new one. This is because the existing infrastructure, such as piping and wiring, may still be usable, reducing material costs. In addition, the groundwork and excavation work required for installing a new system can be reduced or eliminated.

Depending on your financial situation, you might be able to finance the installation of an irrigation system through your local landscaping company. They might offer a financing program with low interest rates and no upfront fees. This can be a great option for homeowners who do not have the cash on hand to pay for the work themselves. Alternatively, you can take out a personal loan or home equity line of credit to cover the cost of your irrigation system installation.